Facebook Launches Web Interface For Messenger


Facebook today launched the Web Interface for its Messenger platform. From the normal Facebook operations people are distracted by notifications and newsfeed when reading a message on Facebook. This is no longer the case from today as Facebook today launched the Messenger Web Interface that will allow to chat without any distraction whatsoever. The Messenger.com is seen as a move by Facebook to offer better support to its online community who rely mostly on chatting.

Facebook Messenger

However, this move by Facebook won’t get rid of the messaging section on Facebook.com as always, but Messenger.com could become a favorite of busy users concerned with productivity, or those that use Facebook to chat with friends but don’t like the social content chaos of its main site.

The company tells me the “dedicated desktop messaging experience” is “meant to be complimentary to the Messenger mobile app”.


The Messenger site features a list of your threads on the left, with a message reading in the middle and the profile of the other person you chatting with on the right. You can use most of the mobile app’s features from here, including audio and video calls, stickers, and photos.

The interface at the moment lacks the ability to record and send audio messages, instantly send a photo from your web cam. But just like splitting Messenger’s app off from Facebook on mobile, doing the same on the web could give the company more room to pack in bonus features that differentiate it from SMS and other chat apps.


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