Facebook introducing Live Video and Photo Collages


Facebook is trying super new features on daily basis. It was the crowdfunding or running q fundraiser on Facebook, getting rid of your partners statuses appearing in your profile once you break up. Live video and collages will be one of its kind with a few people selected from the USA to try the feature out. This feature will allow you to create live videos from your photos or just broadcast a whole new video for your viewers.

How to go about Facebook Live Video and Photo Collages

While at the publisher tab, where you can update your status. While there you can click and choose live video as the activity your want to do. The live video will enable you to select the people you want the broadcast to, that’s the audience for your broadcast.

Additional features with the live video is that it allows you to see live viewers at that moment. And while watching your broadcast, the members, family or friends can subscribe while watching so they can get notified when you host another live video.

After closing the live video,your broadcast will be saved in videos for your friends to watch. You can even watch it yourself or delete it depending on what you want to do.

Facebook will also allow you to create live scrolling photo collages. Combine several photos from your profile or upload them and combine them. After combing them you can share them.

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