Over the past few weeks, Facebook has announced quite a few changes coming to its platform. Some of the biggest changes are occurring within its Messenger application.

Facebook Messenger will immediately begin allowing users to download a slew of third-party apps and tools from partners like Pic Stitch, ESPN, and The Weather Channel. In short, what Facebook is creating is its own mobile platform.

Image Credit: Facebook

We don’t yet know what long-term implications the move will have, but some have already questioned whether the ecosystem can compete with the likes of iOS and Android. Facebook has been said to be working on attracting attention and wooing key
developers to its platform, which could make the idea of competing with the two app giants not so far off in the future. One question worth asking though is, will Apple be okay with this?

Image Credit: Facebook

It’s easy to forget that the Facebook app and its Messenger counterpart are both products offered within Apple’s ecosystem. Which begs the question, shouldn’t they be forced to adhere to the same rules and regulations Apple enforces within that ecosystem?

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Section 2.25 of the App Store Review Guidelines reads, “Apps that display Apps other than your own for purchase or promotion in a manner similar to or confusing with the App Store will be rejected.”

The answer is, unfortunately for Apple, that Facebook and its array of incredibly popular products simply
aren’t like other applications.

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So what will Apple’s move be? More than likely, it will acquiesce. Unfortunately, Facebook is something you cannot simply “reject” from your App store. Facebook and its products have become far too dominant from a user and third-party integration standpoint.

The best Apple can hope for at this point is compromise. The focus now should be on how each platform can work together in a way that supports their users and the experience they desire within each platform and the ecosystem as a whole.