Facebook, a popular social networking site launched early 2004, has made tremendous progress and has become part of the society. Facebook however has been thought to be unfriendly at work places, it has been thought to be a hindrance and a menace when it comes to working. And many can attest to that Facebook has been a sort of nuisance to employers whose employs spend most time on social media than working.

However, Facebook is seeking to remove this notion and get the trust of the people mostly employers back. Facebook started working on a platform called ‘Facebook at Work’ generally Facebook with some features removed and others customized to fit a work place environment.

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The Facebook at Work generally has transformed news feeds into work feed that brings together people who work at the same place in different locations. For instance the people who work at a given company will be brought together on the Facebook at Work ‘work feed’with groups and other Messenger features included.

Facebook at Work

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Facebook at Work will not be a completely free package. As it comes on board with a couple of features that will require to be paid for by the company using the Facebook at Work enterprise communication network.

You will be required to create your Facebook at Work profile which is separate from your user profile and you can connect and join groups of your colleagues, join events and also more. Plus you can easily connect with work mates with location being out of question.

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Will Facebook at Work Enterprise Communication Network be a success and manage to keep employees engaged on the company’s progress and building? Will employers pay a monthly scheme to use Facebook at Work? What will its success rate be like? Share with us