Facebook is one such amazing and better thing ever developed. Facebook as community has had the need of connecting people all over the world. Having great numbers is a challenge to Facebook Inc itself. Various updates and system upgrades will once in a while cause downtime.

Like yesterday night’s incident that left thousands unable to access their Facebook accounts for a period of 40 minutes as from around 8.00pm. This wasn’t the case then but with this overhaul of users, the system might be prone to some sort of failure though it shouldn’t be frequent.

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Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg and his team have apologized for last night’s incident which stopped thousands from logging into their accounts.


We understand that running the world’s biggest social network isn’t easy but Facebook should work a way out. This is the third time Facebook is experiencing outages in less than a month.

It was down for about 40 minutes . It’s the third time in less than a month that service has been lost .

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“We apologize to those who have been inconvenienced,” said a Facebook spokesperson.

The Cause

Facebook has apologized and gave a reason/cause if the globak outage. The issues that caused the downtime came from a “configuration issue” thought to have occurred following recent updates to Facebook’s service.

Instagram a photo sharing network  owned by Facebook also experienced an outage for a brief period of time last night.

Source: Mirror


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