Exploration of the Google Play Services 7.3 What's New


Google has updated the Google Play Services and this update comes along with many other functionalities. So I do an exploration of the Google Play Services 7.3 to find out what features and what is really new within the latest app update.

First things first Google through its official blog has updated these new features that you will get with the Google Play Service 7.3. So what is it that is new really?

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Exploration of the Google Play Services 7.3

Google Play services 7.3 update has extended the Android Wear network by enabling you to connect multiple Wear devices to a single mobile device.

The Google Fit makes building fitness apps easier with fitness specific APIs on retrieving sensor data like current location and speed, collecting and storing activity data in Google Fit’s open platform, and automatically aggregating that data into a single view of the user’s fitness data.

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Check out the YouTube video from Google about the Exploration of the Google Play Services 7.3

Source: Google


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