No matter the kind of expertise you have or how a genius you’re it is always hard knowing which files are duplicated and which files need to be deleted because they’re using up your space without any benefit from them. Duplicate files fixer searches your phone storage for music files, documents, pictures, videos and all file types on your handset that often come in a variety. Just like when receiving a file or downloading it from the internet, you will get one renamed with a 1 at the end and maybe you might not realize because you downloaded this files more than a month ago, and you just needed it again but couldn’t figure out whether it is so the best was to download it from the internet.

Duplicate Files Fixer

Storage is important when it comes to phone usage and speed. When you run out of storage on your smartphone, your phone will automatically change, it will not perform like it has always been and again you might need space to save some important documents anyway. Instead of deleting files of importance, the Duplicate Files Fixer by Systweak Software does exactly that job for you. It lets you scan and identify the kind of app data, music files, documents, clips, movies etc from your SD card or internal storage so you can get rid of them without interfering with important documents.

Duplicate Files Fixer

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Table of Contents for Duplicate Files Fixer A Solution to Recovering Storage Space; App Review

Duplicate Files Fixer Highlights

  • Searches your phone storage for duplicate files
  • Shows you preview of whatever file you want to delete so you don’t make a mistake or deleting the wrong file.
  • Has the option for excluding some folders from scanning or deleting.
  • Allows you to change the look and feel to your choice
  • You can add an ignore list which will prevent them from deletion
  • A variety of languages so you can choose one that best suits you
  • Mark multiple files that you want to get rid of.
  • Backup files before deleting.

Duplicate Files Fixer
Duplicate Files Fixer is a complete solution for file management on handset. Duplicate Files Fixer is not a file manager and should not be confused with that. It is a major boost when it comes to managing files from your phone and getting rid of those that are appearing severally. Duplicate Files Fixer works on all smartphone it is a number one app that you should revert to if you want to save that space and the kind of junk your phone stores that is absolutely useless.

Duplicate Files Fixer

Features of Duplicate Files Fixer

  • Provides option for custom or full scanning
  • Offer option for back up of files incase
  • You can change the theme; customize your app look
  • Build a list of files that should not be searched.
  • Exclude certain folders from scanning and any other actions
  • Mark option that allows you to mark only files that you seem fit to delete
  • It is a small size application hence won’t use much of your space
  • Choice for language, choose a language that you better understand

Duplicate Files Fixer

How to Use Duplicate Files Fixer

  • Ensure you have downloaded the Duplicate Files Fixer from Google Play Store 
  • Open the application and yes you can choose to follow the tutorial that is provided on opening the app or skip it to go to the main activity page.
  • Make a choice of whatever file type that you want scanned and do a full scan.
  • Duplicate Files Fixer goes a comprehensive search mission to find the files and read their contents so that only files that match both in content and name are showed as duplicates.
  • Use the mark items that can be opened from the top right menu; this allows you to choose which files you want to rid from your system.
  • After selecting the files you want to delete you can do that right aways (Systweak’s Duplicate Files Fixer even goes ahead to show the amount of space that you will be saving), or just going over to backup before deleting if you need to back up your files. There you go.

Duplicate Files Fixer

Benefits of Duplicate Files Fixer

  • Clear unused files that are eating up that space
  • Extend your storage by deleting unwanted files.
  • Speed up your phone by freeing up space
  • Option for back up; you can back up your files for later use

Duplicate Files Fixer
To this point you need to try out this application the Duplicate Files Fixer on your phone and free up some space. It is absolutely FREE to download. Systweak provides this solution to all people absolutely for free.

You can download the Systweak’s Duplicate Files Fixer


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