Today we are going to outline a way on how to download university of Eldoret Admission Letters 2017/2018 Academic Year. KUCCPS placed students who have been admitted to University of Eldoret can now download their Admission Letters from the University’s website. All you need to do that is your KCSE Index number, possibly an active internet connection plus some amount for printing or a printer loaded with at least 30 pieces of A4 size paper.

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Download University of Eldoret Admission Letters KUCCPS

Let’s down our tools and embark on simplifying how you can Download University of Eldoret Admission Letters for the academic year 2017/2018. Those students admitted to university of Eldoret will report by 23rd Aug 2017.

Here are the requirements.

  • Your KCSE index number and remember to include a slash then the year of exams e.g. if index number is 36620101001 you should use it as 36620101001/2016 to get access to your letters.
  • An internet connection if you will be doing it indoors or probably visit an internet cafe.
  • Paper around 30 pieces of A4 photocopy  papers
  • Some amount for the printing cost depends on your locations but roughly around 200 the minimum does your work.
  • MMUST be admitted to the University of Eldoret.
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Documents You Should Download


  1. Your Admission Letter (Key Most)
  2. Letter of acceptance – FORM UoEJI/IA
  3. Letter of Decline – FORM UoEJI/IB incase you plan on turning down the offer. 
  4. Students entrance medical examination-FORM UoEJI/3
  5. The student handbook for details and requirements
  6. Students personal details – FORM UoEJI/2
  7. Declaration Form

Now proceed to your mobile or web browser of your choice be it;  Opera, Firefox, UC Browser, Chrome, Torch, Edge etc.

Type in the URL bar this address as it appears copy it or click on it to open the link to the University of Eldoret Admission Letters 2017/2018.

After reaching this page, be sure to recall your KCSE index number vividly as that it the only way you can get your admission letter.

Keenly enter your index number with a trailing slash and then add 2016 (your year of examination) at the end e.g. 25420001006/2016.

After submission you will be given access to your Admission Letter.

Download it and remember to download all other meh documents including fee structure. That summarizes how to download university of Eldoret admission letters 2017/2018.


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