OLX has been the fastest growing Online Classifieds Company within Kenya and the World at large. It has taken people by storm allowing people to find goods and services, apartments for sale and many others, find people and all sought of products and jobs or services.

But the question is Do you really sell or buy on OLX? This a question that probably is going through minds of many online users that’s those who place their products up for sale or those who look for what to buy. The other question is, Would leave new products in the market to go for those that are used, which you aren’t sure of their state? Basically anyone who has a clear mind would think twice.

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Are you really safe transacting through OLX of course OLX doesn’t handle any transactions but will you really be sure and confident enough that you won’t be tricked into coning? Obviousily the question security is not that settled at all. You need to have your own security to feel safe.

Do you really sell on OLX
OLX Logo. Image Credit. OLX Inc.

My friend tried selling some of her products, all new not used some months ago until now no one has contacted her about the products. I also experienced the same when I placed an ad about my smartphone which was just 2 weeks old. Because I had to phones, I had to sell one but so far no interested buyer has contacted me about the same. Does it mean am unlucky or it is just that you don’t sell or buy on OLX.

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OLX Inc is a great company now but what am sure is that yes you can sell or buy on OLX but just don’t be too dependent on OLX that you forget about other sources that you can exploit which are even safer and quicker than OLX. I fyou don’t need the money urgent enough then go for the OLX option but don’t be sure you will get a buyer any soon. You have to be patient like I said you should look for other sources or media that you can exploit.

So is the question, do you really buy or sell on OLX? Probably yes it’s answered. You don’t have to spend all your time and products and depend on OLX as the only source of your customers. You have to be a better person prepared for the best from other market apart from the OLX bit.


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