Twitter about a week ago launched the DM for everyone which will allows users to send direct messages to anyone of their choice. This has saved the much process that you have to undergo like asking someone to follow you before ‘DMing’ them. Having a problem with online customer care like Safaricom and any other but failing to get to them because you need them to follow you in order to DM them.

DM Anyone DM Everyone

Well, this has been solved but all is not good yet. You won’t DM someone unless they have enabled the feature in the settings section to allow anyone to DM them. So first things first now at least you got an option of either getting someone to follow you or letting them to check the allow everyone to DM option in settings and settings and privacy section.

Twitter does not have direct filtering tools like Facebook does. There will be no sorting of the direct messages you receive like the spam messages or any other you won’t be able to archive others and twitter should look into this. Now you will receive almost everything from bad to worse still anyone will send whatever they wish to you. But that is not the flaw in the latest twitter DM update, why do I say so? You can disable the feature if you feel it is not doing any good. With this you can now DM anyone DM everyone on twitter.

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DM Anyone DM Everyone

But I keep my hopes high because I know soon or later they will devise a better way of getting rid of spammers and other stubborn parties online.

This feature will seem more useful to business accounts to allow their customers or clients to DM them in case of any problem that they need solved.

Twitter to launched the group messaging which am not in good terms with. I hate things to do with group chats liek in WhatsApp but it is worse if you were added on a group chat on Facebook. I hope they have a feature tat will enable you to leave a group that you deem not fit for you.

Well that said you can now DM anyone DM Everyone of your choice.


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