VibeCampo Social Network offering student oriented features

VibeCampo Social Network
VibeCampo Social Network - Connect with awesome campus community students

VibeCampo a social network/platform that connects students all over Kenya from colleges, universities and even technical institutions.

VibeCampo boasts an increase in the number of users since its launch last year. It now has about 3360 users registered on the network.

Recently, January 2015, VibeCampo launched a beta version of VibeCampo with more improvements within it.

VibeCampo Social Network
VibeCampo Social Network – Connect with awesome campus community students

Over the period VibeCampo Social Network has been existing, various additional features which are student oriented have been added. These features include :-


1. My Notebook
VibeCampo notebook allows users to write short notes basically with a content field. Which also might act as a daily diary for Vibers (vibecampo users).

2. Campus Market
Campus Market a more recent feature allows users to sell what they no longer use or get something new from those who want to sell within campus. It gives users the ability to upload photos of the products on sell. Add location that’s the room number or hostel in the university.

3. Portfolio
This feature allows VibeCampo Social Network users to upload their CVs and reach out to possible employers.

4. Channels/Brands
These are like pages on Facebook. VibeCampo saw the need to get services offered by various brands to students. Students can now access these channels and get to know more about the businesses.

5. Clubs (groups/Noticeboard)
Clubs on VibeCampo have the work of bringing like-minded people to a single group.
This allows them to share similar and important information amongst themselves.

There are more and more features that keep coming up thanks to developers at VibeCampo.

If you’re not yet a member register by visiting VibeCampo Social Network website or by downloading the Android App on the website or from Google Playstore just search “VibeCampo”.

Join and enjoy the fun that comes with it


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