Cubot V1 Band, wristbands are not so new. Infinix has its own Infinix X-band, Tecno launched the Camon C9 with a T-band. Cubot V1 wristband is by Cubot. Cubot V1 Band works on all major mobile operating systems that’s Android and iOS. 

It is made of TPU, Aluminum Alloy material and it is waterproof. I don’t know how waterproof it is but it has an index of IP65.

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Cubot V1 Wristband
It features a 0.88inch OLED screen to display notifications and so forth. The display has a resolution of 128*32 pixels. 

It is made with dialog low power bluetooth chip DA14580 mainly to connect between devices and the Cubot V1 Band wristband or smartwatch. 

Cubot V1 Wristband
Sports a lithium ion polymer battery of capacity  80mAh that promises an extended standby time. Supports MicroUSB charging.

It supports Android 4.3 and above that’s up-to Android 6.0 Marshmallow. With iOS it supports from version 8.0 and above. 

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Cubot V1 Wristband
It has a net weight of 22g that’s not any heavy for a smartwatch or wristband. Now you know about a Cubot wristband, the Cubot V1 Band. 

It costs just under $20.


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