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Cubot Note S

I slighty tend to see that many more brands (mobile phone) brands are coming to Kenya Leagoo just came in but this article is not about the the Leagoo Smartphones.

The Cubot Kenya has seen entrance of Cubot Note S smartphone one device running on Android Lollipop that features amazing specifications that can be bought from the Kilimall Kenya and much more.

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Cubot Note S is an elegant device featuring a 1.3GHz clocking rate that means performance is a notch higher than the normal devices.

The device is a 5.5 inch device a larger display for that qualifies it to be a phablet and offers 3D and HD quality pictures and so much more.

Apart from that the device has the greatest properties when it comes to battery management. It features an ultra big or massive battery capacity. It features a 4150mAh battery capacity that will last really long enough even if you’re a hard gamer.

Additionally, the device features great storage and also smart cameras for both the primary camera and the front cam or front shooter for selfie shooting.

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Like I initailly said, the Cubot Note S features one of the greatest display sizes. It features a 5.5 inch display size that offers HD experience when watching videos and doing everything like gaming.

It’s display is a 5-point capacitive touchscreen that allows you to use up to 5 fingers on the device. It has a screen resolution of the Cubot Note S display is 1280 x 720 (HD720) pixels with a pixel density ratio of 296 ppi.

Additionally, it offers great gaming experience since it features the most intelligent properties.


The Cubot Note S is one of the devices featuring better specifications when it comes to hardware properties. The Cubot Note S featuring a MediaTek CPU MTK6580 chipset.

It features a smart and most importantly a quad core processor clocking at a frequency of 1.3GHz. This means importantly that it offers one of the greatest processor properties.

Cubot Note S also has a strong and better strength and importantly a speedy graphics handler that enables high skill and improved game performance and helps realize real color and better quality pictures. It features a MALI-400MP Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).


It also features a slighly best primary storage the (RAM) of the Cubot Note S. It features a 2.0GB RAM that is the instructional handler or storage that offers a great executional properties that wont cloak up your processor. This in return improves performance of the device.

Cubto Note S runs on Android 5.1 LOllipop operating system that apart form offering an improved user interface than their predecessor and is also coupled with a wider functionalities such as battery management, improved memory efficiency, and support.


The Cubot Note S features a larger storage featuring a 16GB ROM that also can be expanded with the help of MicroSD card.
It also has a 2GB RAM primary storage.


Cubot Note S features very intelligent camera properties. It features DUAL cameras, a primaary camera and a secondary (front) camera. It features a 5.0 Megapixels primary camera that can be interpolated to 8.0MP and also it features a front camera or a front shooter that is a 2.0 Megapixels camera, which is capable of reaching the 5.0 MP properties. It also allows the following, the back camera has an autofoucs and also it features a flash light for improved in dim light photography.


One reason I would wish to tell you that I would love the Cubot Note S is that it features a lithium ion polymer battery that has a battery capacity of 4150mAh. This can keep you online for as long as half a day on heavy usage.


The Cubot Note S is a light weight device that weighs roughly 163 grams. It additionally features dimensions of 152.30 x 77.20 x 8.80 mm. The 8.8 mm thickness is not that slim but well it can fit into your palm or that pocket or pouch.


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