Infinix after releasing the first fingerprint identification enabled Infinix Hot S in Nigeria put on some focus and brought the successor of Infinix Note 2, that’s the Infinix Note 3. Infinix Note 3 just like its predecessor Note 2 sports a 6.0 inch screen with a couple of improved features. 

Cubot Mobile has their own first 6.0 inch device and the name is Cubot Max. Cubot Max is similar to Infinix Note 3 in display size and some other features but differ on several specs. The specs sheet of either device is not as exact as the other; in design, structure, hardware, software and so more. 

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Cubot Max vs Infinix Note 3

Infinix Note 3 was launched back in August 2016 and since Infinix Mobility believe in dual phones of the same name;  that’s a superior version of Note 3 is available. The Infinix Note 3 Pro is another phone but this article is not about the Infinix Note 3 Pro but about Infinix Note 3 vs Cubot Max. 

The  Similarities

In as much as these phones are from different brands, they have some similarities in their specifications and one similarity being the highlight of these devices. Check the similarities below:-

  • Both Infinix Note 3 and Cubot Max have huge display that’s 6 – inch displays regardless of technology used in crafting them. 
  • Both phones run on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, from Google’s Open source operating system Android. 
  • Both sport octa core processor clocking at 1.3GHz
  • Both phones feature a memory card slot that can take up to 32GB. 
  • Dual cameras; a 13 megapixels rear camera and a 5 megapixels front camera. 
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Differences in Specs

Design of both Cubot Max and Infinix Note 3 are different since they two different brands. Infinix Note 3 should not be mistaken with Infinix Note 3 Pro.

  • Infinix Note 3 only supports 3G whereas the Cubot Max supports up to 4G network. 
  • Cubot Max is equipped with 3GB RAM but Infinix Note 3 only sports 2GB RAM not be confused with the Note 3 Pro which features 3GB RAM too. 
  • Infinix Note 3 security is enhanced since it features fingerprint identification or scanning. 
  • The Infinix Note 3 has a huge battery as compared to Cubot Max, Cubot Max has 4100mAh while Infinix Note 3 has a 4500mAh. 
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When it comes to pricing the Cubot Max is a bit more expensive at Ksh 15,999/- ($160) on, Infinix Note 3 is available on Jumia Kenya at Ksh 13,999/- ($140). 

Buy Infinix Note 3 from Jumia Kenya at Ksh 13,999 ($140)

Acquire Cubot Note S at 9k from Jumia


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