Social Fever by Systweak

Have you ever calculated the number of hours you spend online? Do you know how much time you waste online? Well no one has a detailed report on how they spend their online time. But now that’s long gone. Do you need to control your online activity? Then Systweak’s Social Fever is the app you should consider. They have a number of apps to their name which include Photo Noise Reducer, Systweak Android Cleaner and Duplicate Files Fixer that manages you storage by getting rid of duplicate files.

Social Fever is a state of art application that monitors and records your online activity. The app allows you to even set timers for social media apps and for how long you want to use them.

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Millions of youth spend best part do their day doing useless online stuff. But you can use this time pursuing hobbies or going some exercises or constructive work.

Manage how long you want to use Facebook in a day. Manage your online WhatsApp usage, Instagram and much more apps. Social Fever is therefore the ideal app that let’s you handle yourself keenly with social media usage.

Social Fever

Features of Social Fever app by Systweak Software

  • Weekly Reports
  • Cellphone usage statistics
  • App usage timers (limit usage)
  • Great user interface
  • Monitor usage and display pop ups
  • Keeps record of phone unlocks

Social Fever

Social Fever Weekly Reports

Social Fever app let’s you have a kept record and stores reports. You can revisit reports on a weekly basis. The app keeps track of your activity and stores it for you to assess your weekly usage.

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Limiting App Usage

One of the best ways of using less time online is by limiting certain app usage. Apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and much more can be limited. Control how long you want to use Facebook. Invade your usage tome exceeds the set limit Social Fever will display a pop message that your time is up.

Social Fever

Monitor Phone Locks and Unlocks

Gives you the power to see how many times your phone was unlocked in a day. By the end of the day, the app keeps of record number of times the phone was unlocked.

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Social Fever

Interactive Tutorial on Social Fever usage

If you get hurdles anywhere using the app, there’s a great user centred and interactive tutorial to help you through.

A wow-ing user interface

Social Fever offers a whole new level of working user interface. The user interface offer useful icons and images that guide through usage and much more.

The phone also let’s you control the eye strain that can be caused by the constant exposure of eyes to screen light. Continuous use maybe dangerous.

Meanwhile you can download the Social Fever app from play store and start maintaining a health online presence.

Social Fever