Bamba Tv is revolutionizing digital TV in Kenya by offering a limited number of premium channels to it’s customers. This is in a move to provide free to air decoders than will provide some premium channels and also speed digital migration in Kenya.

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Today I do a comparison between the charges that you would incur on other Pay TV services as compared to Bamba TV and their other counterparts. Here is the Comparison of Bamba TV and Other Digital TV Providers

Bamba Tv 3.299 60+ 3.299
Gotv 599 1.799 1000 24+ 37.739
Gotv – plus 849 1.799 1000 35+ 53.739
Star Times – Basic 499 1.799 1000 37+ 31.739
Star Times – Classic 999 1.699 1000 57+ 61.639
Star Times – Nyota 149 1.799 1000 8+ 10.739
Star Times – Unique 1499 1.699 1000 76+ 92.639
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Based on the charges above, I think you can compare between the Two Pay TV media such as Startimes and GOtv. Given the table above well you can say that Bamba TV offers the best but does it really?

And what of the pay TV media providers the likes of Startimes, GOtv and probably even Zuku TV. Bes sure to make informed decision on what to acquire for your digital TV package. The comparison between Bamba TV and other Digital TV providers does not include the Zuku and Dstv and that doesn’t mean that they are good for you. It just makes you aware of many things that you need to consider before doing anything regarding receiving of digital TV.

With this article it does niot mean that am in for Bamba TV, well if you need digital TV you can also buy a LED Tv that is capable of receiving digital TV and you can do away with the decoders but if you need some free premium channels such as Romanza, Peace TV, and many others well then you can go for Bamba TV.

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Bamba TV does not have channels for English Premier League matches or that which can offer live matches. So just be aware you won’t get the best of the best with Bamba. But it is worth it with kids entertainment covered with cartoon channels.


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