Well we all look for best gadgets that we would love to show around. Those that we will proudly hold at an angle to our ear for everyone to see. But is it worth to have a 5-inch display screen gadget with no specifications? Well I have decided to do another comparison between the InnJoo Note Pro versus Infinix Hot Note X551.
What does the InnJoo Note Pro have which lacks in the Infinix Hot Note X551 and the vice versa. Exclusive information regarding the two gadgets has been gathered and below is the comparison of the two powerful gadgets from latest companies in Kenya.

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Well there are always sections that you can use to compare smartphones and also when you want to buy them. This is a first tip that you should always check the device specification not on the box but the device itself before purchasing.

Well, that said we shift to out main goal.


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InnJoo Note Pro comes with a stunning 5.5 inch diplay screen. Well that is a bigger phone you should consider if you wanna go for the phablet type of phones. Infinix Hot Note on the other hand is comfortable with its too similar 5.5-inch display just like the InnJoo Note. Both gadgets have a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels. Both phones also have a 267 ppi (pixel per inch) pixel density.


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Just like I love mentioning I love shooting photos and taking selfies. And a superb camera will work the best for me. So let us see if these phones, any of them fits my standards and if mine does then well yours might work too.

Well! Well! Well! Should I say it? Ok the InnJoo Note houses a 13MP (13 megapixels) primary camera. You get that yes. It beats the Infinix Hot Note’s 8.0MP rear camera with a larger margin. Obviously incomparable. That aside a focus more on the front camera. The selfie section. A front camera pf 8.0MP for InnJoo Note too better than the 2.0MP Infinix Hot Note’s front camera.

In the Camera Section and selfie world, I give to InnJoo Note Pro for its outstanding specs in that section.


Another powerful section lies here. You always take stuff and record things that you wanna keep. You don’t want that gadget that will tell you “… your disc space is running low. Clear some applications..” Well not anymore with these two outstanding InnJoo Note and Infinix Hot Note. They both boast of 16GB ROM that is internal storage space. We shift to Random Access Memory (RAM) the RAM of these gadgets. Another little difference comes in again. InnJoo Note Pro comes in handy with 2GB of RAM yes, 2GB you don’t have to worry of app overload. Infinix Hot Note X551 isn’t bad either with 1GB of RAM. Well InnJoo Note Pro takes it again.


Battery life is essential for the normal running of any gadget. Everyone wishes for that phone which will last for like the whole day even if it is used to its maximum. So lets check them out. InnJoo is on the downside of this. With 3000mAh which is not bad but is way low below the Infinix Hot Note X551’s 4000mAh battery capacity. Infinix Takes it for the first time.

Well up to their based on our comparison of InnJoo Note Pro versus Infinix Hot Note X551, we believe now you are now capable of knowing which gadget to go for.

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