A new bicycle helmet design aims to take the awkwardness out of carrying it around when you’re not under pedal power.


The words “collapsible” and “helmet” might not sound like they should go together, but the twain have met in the form of the Fuga helmet from Spanish startup Closca Design. The helmet collapses down into itself so it’s easier to haul around once you dismount.

Riders have a bit of a dilemma when it comes to helmets. They can be locked to a bike, which isn’t always super secure and leaves your helmet exposed to the elements, or they can be shoved into a bag or carried by hand. The Fuga takes away some of the bulk, which will hopefully encourage bikers to wear their helmets more often.

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Closca says the folding design reduces the helmet’s volume by more than 50 percent. It has a thin shell with a fiberglass-reinforced inner structure and comes in three sizes with an adjustable elastic fit system inside. The round lines where it collapses down hide air vents for keeping your noggin cool. Closca says the helment complies with European, American (CPSC) and Asian safety standards.

Source: CNET