Citizen, NTV and KTN to go back on air


After a period of now about 3 weeks since the big media houses went off air from both analogue and digital platforms. There has been a directive by the president following a meeting with the key stakeholders and shareholders in the top media houses to have the media houses resume airing but only through the digital platform for the already transitioned areas.

News has it that the NTV major shareholder, The Aga Khan was in the country in a move to see the media house come back on air.

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Digital Migration stand off. Three top media houses expected back on air following a directive by the president

The Communication Authority did not switch off the digital transmission of the 3 media houses. They only switched off the analogue section. This resulted in the 3 pulling their content from the third party digital platforms too.

He latest they’re are expected back is by Thursday but they will only air on digital platform. This leaves them no choice but to give back their content to third party digital broadcasters in the country.

It is estimated that the top three media houses, The Standard, Nation Media Group and Royal Media Services have made very big loses in terms of advertisement since their switch off 3 weeks ago. If they will continue being off air it means they will have to incur more extra loses as a result of little or less content viewership.

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The wrong comprehension or understanding of digital migration has brought about many question. This is so as everybody who little knows about digital migration has become self proclaimed analysts of the same.

If all goes well, expect the big media houses back on air through the digital platform what is not clear is whether they will use their African Digital Network ADN or will have to give content back to signet and PANG to air them. But the latter seems true as ADN lacks the set top boxes for the 3 media houses.


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