Celebrating PendezAfrica.com Home of Beauty & Fashion


Passion! Passion! Passion! Passion!
Celebrating PendezAfrica.com Home of Beauty & Fashion. Well, today is no like any other day. I might categorize it as one of my worst day spending over 1000 bob over nothing seriously. Anyway that’s not the point. Here is the point now, We have a newbie in town. Welcome aboard and learn of what this special special thing I call ‘newbie’.

Passion drives us to for great things. Things we love doing what you can’t wake up and say it is Monday again off to work. That might suck. But now you gotta do what never bores you.

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I love fashion, I love fashion bloggers generally. Which take their awesome time to design elegant designs just like on by PendezAfrica Designs.

Now you have read a term like PendezAfrica above, so what is it? PendezAfrica.com is a fashion blog. The Home of Beauty and Fashion get that? I love what happens at. PendezAfrica is where anyone can appreciate beautiful designs ( fashion to be specific)  like the one below. Can you fail to agree that it is absolutely gorgeous?

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Celebrating PendezAfrica.com Home of Beauty & Fashion. Photo: PendezAfrica

That said, Purity Nderi (@PurityNderi) is a fashion blogger in town she focusses on her creations and shares it to make other stuff that will help our beautiful ladies out there. I love what she’s doing and her inspiration being her passion. Go get going girl. Welcome to the Bloggers World as we share life touching, beautiful moments to those readers and our viewers.

Give a shout out by visiting PendezAfrica and experience the most outstanding designs of elegance beyond measure.

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Give a hit PENDEZAFRICA.COM. Don’t stop there go through articles and issues tackled by our beloved, my beloved fashionista and blogger Purity.

The journey is long, you need company to go forth to realize your beautiful dreams. Help PendezAfrica grow from its roots with a better base to take fashion tips and styles by storm. Ladies head over to PendezAfrica.


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