Birthday Fundraiser for Facebook Birthday

Facebook is making birthday celebrations even more meaningful with fundraising. Didi you know that now you can celebrate your birthday with a fundraiser on Facebook? Well that time is now. Learn how the Birthday Fundraiser for Facebook Birthday is going to help you.

With over 45 million Facebook users sending out wishes every day, it is now possible to change the course for your Facebook Birthday celebration. With these numbers sending out birthday wishes everyday, there’s no way someone gonna fail to contribute to that happy birthday bash.

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Facebook has started piloting this fundraiser stuff in the United States of America. And this is evident that this way of engaging people on your birthday will prove amazing. Considering you will throw bashes at the expenses that no one has footed but you.

It is not clear if this feature will ever make it to Africa and by that I am talking about Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and other countries in Africa that are frontiers in social networking.

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How Birthday Fundraiser for Facebook Birthday Works?

  • When it is your birthday, you will be offered an option to create a fundraiser on that single day.
  • Users majorly your friends will contribute towards your fundraiser and offer their gifts while doing something.
  • You will have connected a way in which you will be able to withdraw
  • Have you ever been furnished with birthday notification just below the status update box? Well, the fundraiser will be put just as those notifications.
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How this is gonna change Birthday Celebrations

This time round you won’t be treated to empty birthday wishes but will be shown how much people love you and are willing to make sure you have a blast.

Birthday Fundraiser for Facebook Birthday will offer you a way to say thank you and appreciate and know your haters and lovers and those who care and those who just deliver fake promises and happy birthday wishes.