Can Safaricom’s Little Cabs beat Uber?


Uber is a riding app that’s been proven a threat to local taxis and Matatu operators in the recent past turning out ugly to some extent. Uber is operating in Nairobi,  Mombasa and recently launched its service in Tanzania. In Kenya, Safaricom Limited is planning to offer  Uber competition that it hasn’t experienced yet.

There are other riding companies operating in Nairobi the likes of Mondo Ride and others like Easy Taxi which is exiting Kenyan market. It a story published to one of most trusted business news site, Safaricom is believed to have acquired Easy Taxi in Kenya.


The move by Safaricom Limited is to look for additional revenue from a sector that has not been exploited by many. Safaricom’s ‘Little Cabs’ is what is termed as possibly one of the revolutionary riding companies in Kenya. But the question remains,  can Safaricom’s Little Cabs beat Uber?


The answer to such a question will come out when the company launches this service. Whether it will remain relevant or be outdone by Uber will only bear friends in the end.

In my opinion Safaricom is like some company trying out everything. Some fail but others materialize to revolutionary products. Uber can still make it since it is well established in this kind of business.

So what do you think?  Does Safaricom’s Little Cabs beat Uber???  Your opinions and thoughts ? are welcome.


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