If you followed a recent story then you’re quite aware of the story of the Bungoma James Bond or what others placed as Superman for hanging onto a chopper. The story made headlines in worldwide with others having sarcastic headlines like

Superman saves a chopper from crashing on Bungoma.


However some gents have found it an idea behind the game Bungoma:Hangman by Mesmerize Games. The story behind the game is for you to hang onto the chopper to a longer distance.

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The games starts with a disclaimer that reads;

Huyu ni ule “msee” na hii sio “ile story” that translates to This is not that person and this is not that story.


Even though the game graphics are not at their best and using birds as the obstacles to bring down a chopper, the game plan is good. You can wonder how a single bird can bring down a chopper. Probably it would have been some damage and not bringing down.

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The mission on this game is to get as far as you can with the chopper and survive electricity lines and birds that bring down the chopper. The helicopter ? can be controlled by up and down buttons within the app to pick up some cool stuff and evade birds.

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To gain much more strength and health you need to pick up some food stuffs along the way. The foods are majorly those of Bungoma or Luhya for that instance. The foods are;

  • Kuku (thigh) (chicken)
  • Ugali
  • Sukuma Wiki

You can get the game from Google Play Store or just search Bungoma Hangman or Mesmerize Games