Betyetu A place to get money
Sometime back I talked about Betyetu website being down for maintenance. This maintenance and web upgrading gave Betyetu more power to come back a full reloaded site with more features and a new interface that is appealing to the eye and allows more of matches than it were before. Betyetu is among the sports betting sites in Kenya that offers the best gambling experience with the new user interface.

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Betyetu live matches

A danagerous attack on Betyetu

Just in now Betyetu now includes other market. I mean they include other options like double chance, handicap, first half prediction and many others. This gives you the power and easier way to win. With it’s reloaded features i would bet that winning has become easier too. It has now more better at odds for your betting.

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Live Matches on Betyetu
Just what is New?

Betyetu comes with now enhanced web UI that’s the user interface, how you see the website.

Live match at half time on Betyetu

It also includes livescores on various games being played. This is a feature that can allow users to monitor how there bets are fairing on.

Another team in possession courtesy of Betyetu Live Matches

Also with Betyetu comes a feature where you can view live commentary of various live matches as they happen. Take a look at the screenshots that i took from the Betyetu Website

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  1. I never received your message about the upgrading process. I have been worried about your web. I have wasted a lot of time trying to locate the web, which kept on saying “cannot locate the remote sever”..

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