How to Bet on Just Bet


How to bet on Just Bet

  1. Visit the website

  2. Register. Registration is Free

  3. Load your account by Safaricom Paybill 530100 or AIRTEL MONEY on 0789 757 858

  4. Place a Bet on our Featured Matches.

  5. Minimum Bet amount is 100/= and the Maximum is 10,000/= per game.

  6. Wait for the outcome and check if your winnings reflect on your account balance.

  7. Withdraw your winnings anytime by sending withdraw request to 0722 585 277.


How to Bet in Black and White….

1. Visit the featured matches on Just Bet’s website and determine you best placed games…..

Featured Games

2. Log in to Just Bet for you to place a Bet.

Enter Username and Password

3. You are Logged on. Check Your balance.

You are Logged on

Check your Account Balance, View Bets, Statement or Withdraw Money

4. On Featured Matches Click on The Team you want to Place Bet for.

Select Tottenham WIN
Selecting the Team you’re betting for

5. The Bet will Automatically Add Betting Slip.

Betting Slip With Tottenham WIN
Just Bet Betting Slip

6. Click Place Bet to Confirm Bet

By Clicking Place Bet You Confirm Bet

Multiply your MONEY YOU BET by the ODD you placed the bet with (i.e KShs.1,000 X 5.05)

7. Check Your statement and Confirm your Bet is Updated.

My statement
Check your Statement Activities and Confirm your newly placed Bet is on your Statement.

Check your Statement Activities and Confirm your newly placed Bet is on your Statement.

8. Logout


Confirm Your Money Balance before Log Out

For more information on how to bet, email

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