Don’t buy a phone because you saw someone with it or because you want to be among owners of such phones. You should always be considerate of several factors that play when it comes to buying smartphones. I believe this smartphone buying guide which ranks among the best will give you a clear reasoning capabilities when it comes to purchasing a smartphone. I don’t hate all phones, neither do i love all of them. Not because i don’t like them but because they’ve what i need in a smartphone.

Just like a girlfriend or fiancée there’s some qualities you would consider, so is it with technological gadgets; the smartphones. You need to critically analyze these features to get the ultimate performance and never regret. Have you ever bought a phone and after like two weeks you’re fed up with it? Well it is because you don’t get time to go through and think of the kind of smartphone you need.

Below I take my digital pen and paper to lend you a piece of information dubbed the best smartphone buying guide”. So take this seriously and proceed on to take note of everything am gonna address in this article.

Best Smartphone Buying Guide

People are always attracted to the design of the smartphone. This i mean they love what they see. And like the literature tutors say “never judge a book by its covers” so don’t focus on looks. You can probably buy a phone based on the image on the box which in real sense whatever is in the box is contrary to what is written. Or you might have the cutest phone which within itself has nothing to brag about. So just don’t put much thinking on design also focus on critical features.

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No one loves these small screened gadget of 2″ display. People love it large where you won’t strain to read a text from s friend. Consider the size of your screen and also the display resolution is of key consideration. Imagine being unable to enjoy a game because your phone is just a meagre when it comes to display.

Nowadays I get individuals complaining of fake MicroSD Cards being sold. Why can’t you go for a phone you won’t need an external storage. Take for instance 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB. These are variations from which you can choose to have an efficient gadget that isn’t slowed down by SD Cards. These memory is needed greatly while capturing live moments, storing music files, documents etc.
You will also need these memory to give you leeway for installing additional softwares or apps to your smartphone. Generally I was talking of internal storage/ROM. However, original MicroSDs can be of great help where they’re not fake.
Talk of Random Access Memory (RAM) the memory that boosts your smartphone performance. RAM also allows room for running of phone’s applications and boosts smoothness in operation. Go for atleast 1GB – 4GB RAM smartphones.

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Yes other important aspect. Operating System,  Windows, Android, iOS, Blackberry etc. Choose an operating system that you’re familiar with and whose applications you can easily get. Don’t buy a smartphone whose OS you don’t know. Neither do you know the play store or applications store.

Processing yes is the act of handling tasks assigned to your smartphone by you. Basically a phone with high frequency will work faster than that of lower processing power. I have a 1.5GHz clock rate/frequency I love it bit by bit. Imagine a 512GHz processor how long will it take to return an outcome? Well then go for smartphones of 1.0GHz the least but I recommend 1.5GHz and above.

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Would pay your money to buy a smartphone that will drain its battery in 20 minutes? No way! You need to consider your smartphone battery capacity which is essential for extended duration of operation. Basically a smartphone that operates on a battery capacity less than 2000mAh is not the best. I would recommend a battery capacity of at least 2600mAh upwards even the 4000mAh.

More of the smartphone buying guide will follow. Thanks for reading through.
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