Benefits of Rooting your Android Device/Smartphone.
Rooting generally refers to exploiting the administrator privileges on yout android device. Rooting your smartphone gives you the power to do many addditonal things just apart from using the phone for purposes probablt you bought the phone for. Exploiting the android device and gaining access to much important features that can help you achieve the best with your device. Rooting somehow is not so good when it comes to things like warranties and it is not recommended. Majority use their phones just as they come, they don’t try to twerk around the settings to achieve better performance. They just use them how they come.

We are going to discuss a couple of things that you should focus on when rooting your smartphone. What you should do and what you should not to. The advantages and the disadvantages of rooting or giving your device root access have will be discussed here in detail and in the end I hope you learn why you need them or not.

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Table of Contents for Benefits of Rooting your Android Device/Smartphone

Allows for upgrades

Many phone manufacturers do not upgrade all firmware on your android device. But having rooted device will give you much needed access to allow you to install updates directly without waiting for the manufacturer to release the software updates in order to receive them. Listen, you can do this via OTG (On The Go) by copying zipped android updates to your phone SD that will also allow you to upgrasde using upgrade or update from SD Card.
Not all phone receive the firmware or android version updates like we have phones running on Jelly Bean when the current one is Marshmallow Android 6.0 not even Lollipop has been received from manufacturer. This means you will never get android version os updates unless you root your phone and go that way.

Overclocking and Underclocking

When you phone is that slow, and you can’t do anything the best is to underclock or overclock the system depending on its behavior. This will certainly save your device processor. Overclocking  usually makes your processor more snappy making them fast.
Overclocking and underclocking is only possible when your phone system is rooted and that you have administrator privileges to perform such important operations like underclocking and overclocking.

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Install More Apps

There are a couple of apps that only work on a rooted device and also they improves system stability and overall look. For instance, installing custom fonts to your device will need that you have more importantly a rooted phone and an app that can do that so as to replace certain system default fonts. You can also install apps that are battery or power managers that stops and useless work going on. So essentially rooting improves the overall performance and features.

Rid the Bloatware

Bloatware in an earlier post as said are those system built apps that use losts of resources and are not that important to the system. These apps ain’t any useful and believe me you they can eat up system resources to slow down your overall performance. The best thing to do to get rid of the these apps is to root your device. Also install additional apps that have priviledge to the system apps and through this you can rid the bloatware on your android device.

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Everything has it’s negative effects or disadvantages so does rooting your phone. Below are disadvantages asssociated with rooting your device include the following.

Warranty Loss

Rooting your device will make your device warranty null and void. Rooting is exploiting the smartphone and manufacturers don’t allow that. Be careful if you plan to return your phone to the manufacturer don’t root it. That is if your warranty is so important.

Some Apps may fail

For instance, mobile payment apps like Android Pay, Samsung Pay and more will not function. If you plan to use some of these apps I recommend you stay with you phone as it is.

Problem Updating

Phones like the Android One Infinix X510 could not receive automatic updates because they are rooted. You will need to install them via the OTG service on the device.

That’s for today stay tuned in for more. Give us your opinion


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