How to become a vendor on Masoko

Masoko is an online platform where vendors get a chance to get their products sold by Safaricom’s product, Masoko. Without partners, who are vendors, Masoko will not realize the profits and build a rocking selling portal. That why we have devised a way on how to become a vendor on Masoko. Masoko will definitely grow your business by providing marketing and platform for free.

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How to become a Vendor on Masoko

Why Become a Vendor on Masoko?

  • It is absolutely free
  • You get free marketing done by Masoko
  • Secure Marketplace
  • Reach thousands of possible clients/customers

How to become a Vendor on Masoko

To become a Vendor on Safaricom’s Masoko eCommerce platform you will need to have a valid stock and business. You can access the Masoko website and register on the website. Below are details you will need to signup.

  • Your personal name/company name
  • Email Address
  • A working phone number
  • Building or business premises
  • Physical address, City, Town and Zip Code
  • Business Name and website (if any)
  • Categories of products you stock
  • Manufacturing Type (Either local, international or both)
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Masoko will be the next big thing. It might just beat Jumia, KiliMall if they don’t stand firm. More things to know is that Safaricom does not stock their products alone on Masoko. That’s why there is the Vendor program that will bring on board more seller and increase the product coverage by Masoko.


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