Bamba TV Troubleshooting Tips


Probably with the changing era of digital migration you have no option but to look for better ways of getting high quality TV services through the Free To Air Digital Boxes. Bamba is one of them which has been on almost every radio station through adverts and their inclusion of a little of the premium channels into their decoders. Well, what you need is just to purchase the Bamba Decoder activate it and you are ready to go like forever. If you don’t know where to get the decoders here is a list of places you can find a Bamba Decoder for purchase.

Bamba TV Troubleshooting Tips

Every gadget comes with a manual. So does Bamba TV. But maybe you prefer a faster and easier manual that can guid you through the steps. Cool so am gonna give you that. A few Bamba TV troubleshooting tips.

Let’s get started now. What is the problem and what should you do to solve it, is the approach am employing.

1. How to Connect your Bamba Decoder

The best thing to do first is to go through the provided manual carefully and be sure of the power voltage to use so that you dont blow up your decoders given that Bamba 114 (CA) and Bamba 115 (CA2) use 12 Volts while Bamba 215( CA1) uses 5Volts.

STEP 1: Connect it to your existing high gain UHF antenna

STEP 2: Connect the decoder to your TV set using the supplied RCA cable or a HDMI cable [optional]

STEP 3: Connect the power cable provided into the power outlet


STEP 4: Set your TV input to AV or HDMI.

2. How do you search Channels on Bamba Decoders?

There are several decoders sold by Bamba and the following is how you can search your channels on each Decoder.

For Bamba 215( CA1):

Go to Settings, Choose Channel Search then Click auto search.

For Bamba 114 (CA)

Go to settings then system info. After which choose the signal quality. Ensure that the signal quality is 10db and above. Go back to settings then search setting and auto search finally.

For Bamba 115 (CA2):

Go to settings choose search settings press channel scan then search by channel. Note the change from VHF to UHF and change to channel 57(76200khz) then press search. Go back to settings then auto scan.

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