Bamba TV in a bid to make its brand stick with the people has seen it introduce one thing that was never expected, registering the decoder. Many people have rushed to register their decoders, beat deadlines but we’re Kenyans and we’ll only start rushing when the deadline guys.

Bamba TV has to extend the registration deadline with 2 more weeks and we’ll many Kenyans are even yet to register their decoders. Other people are trying to register their digital TV sets to gain access to the Bamba channels.

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Bamba TV registration
Bamba Channels on Digital TVs and other decoders were Free to View not Free to Air and that’s why Bamba TV is in a move to ensure only those with Bamba decoder have access to their channels. Bamba is blocking the viewership of Bamba channels on other decoders and digital TV sets.

Bamba TV encrypting Channels so is they can only be viewed through Bamba Decoder
Bamba TV encrypting Channels so is they can only be viewed through Bamba Decoder

With this kind of arrangement you will need to buy a bamba TV decoder in order to view their channels. Registering was one way of ensuring their customers are legitimate and that most who have decoders but haven’t registered will not be able to access premium channels and other world class channels on their decoders; that means you might even now watch anything  on your unregistered decoder since it will be deactivated.

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Bamba TV’s partnership with KTN (Standard Media Group)  have seen them introduce new channels on the platform.



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