BAKE (The Bloggers association of Kenya) is today bringing to an end the Kenya Blog Awards whose voting kicked off early March 2nd March 2015 to be precise and that has seen several blogs and bloggers get recognized for their creative and good content. The voting ran from 2nd March  30th April which saw it closed.

#BAKEAwardsKE The 2015 Blog Awards Winners
#BAKEAwardsKE The 2015 Blog Awards Winners. Image/Credit @BAKE_ke

The Gala event for the Recognition and award of the winners in various categories is happening now at the Hotel Intercontinental. So what blog categories are we talking about?
1. Best Technology Blog
2. Best Photography Blog
3. Best Creative Writing Blog
4. Best Business Blog
5. Best Food Blog
6. Best Environmental/Agricultural Blog
7. Best Fashion/Beauty/Hair/Style Blog
8. Best Politics Blog
9. Best New Blog
10. Best Corporate Blog
11. Best Topical Blog
12. Best Sports Blog
13. Best Entertainment/Lifestyle Blog
14. Best Education Blog
15. Best Travel Blog
16. Best Health Blog
17. Best County Blog
18. Kenyan Blog of the Year

BAKE announced the winners in various categories mentioned above and below is how they fared on. Read the BAKE Awards Vote Tally Visit BAKE:

Best Business Blog

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This category is taken by Kenya Business Ideas (

Best Technology Blog Techmoran ( TechMoran were the favorites even in te last years awards as they also stood out to be the Best Technology Blog.

Best Photography Blog

The Best Photography Blog has been taken by Buoart (

Best Topical Blog Under this category the blog Kenya Weddings ( emerged vcitorious, standing out as the winners. Best Food Blog This category goes to the favorites Pika Chakula (

Best Environment/Agriculture Blog

Graduate Farmer ( emerges victorious in this category.

Best Education Blog It goes to CIPIT Law Blog (

The Best Fashion Blog

The Best Fashion Blog goes to Silvia Njoki (

Best Creative Blog The Best Creative Blog category goes to Bikozulu (

The Best New Blog

This is a section that features newest blog. PendoTalk ( has emerged the victors here.

The Best Corporate Blog This blog category goes to Storymoja (

Best Politics Blog

Goes to Mzalendo (

Best County Blog The Best County Blog is taken by NorthRift Politics (

The Best Health Blog

In the health section Jane Mukami ( it.

The Best Sports Blog The Best Sports Category goes to Michezo Africa (

The best Travel Blog

TravelStart ( takes the Best Travel Category.

The Best Entertainment Blog The Best Entertainment Blog goes to Ghafla ( The winner of Last years same category.

The Overall Kenya Blog of The Year goes to Silvia Njoki.


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