BAKE Awards Submission Phase Is Open/BAKE

Bloggers Association of Kenya, BAKE as known has this popular brand awards that are given to the best blogs in several categories in Kenya. BAKE organizes the Blog Award in Kenya yearly and last year a couple of blogs got sponsorship while the owners got awesome gifts from the BAKE partners. The BAKE Awards submission phase is now open for the 2017 Kenya Blog Awards.

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To have a glimpse at how the last year’s blog awards went, you can check out through this link. The Kenya Blog Award organized by the Bloggers Association of Kenya to reward the consistent and the unending passion of Kenyan bloggers.


The 2017 BAKE Awards submission phase is now open and those bloggers or viewers who feel certain blogs can make it to the awards slated for the 2017 awards. All you have to do is to visit the Submit Blog page on BAKE Awards website and key in your favorite blog that you want to make it to the list of those to be voted for.

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The BAKE award submission phase started on 9th January 2017 and it will last until the 10th of February 2017. Through this timeline the blog owner or users will have the time to submit their favorite blogs into different categories for consideration.

BAKE Awards Submission Categories

These are the categories in which every blog that is submitted should fall in one of them. To submit your blog or your favorite blog be keen to identify the category it falls into before submitting.

  1. Best Tech Blog
  2. Best Photography Blog
  3. Best Creative Writing Blog
  4. Best Business Blog
  5. Best Food Blog
  6. Best Environmental/Agricultural Blog
  7. Best Fashion/Hair/Beauty/Style Blog
  8. Best Governance and Active Citizenship Blog
  9. Best New Blog
  10. Best Topical Blog
  11. Best Corporate Blog
  12. Best Education Blog
  13. Best Sports Blog
  14. Best Entertainment Blog
  15. Best Public Health Blog
  16. Best County Blog
  17. Best Travel Blog
  18. Best Religious/Spiritual Blog
  19. Best Lifestyle Blog

The submission phase ends on 10th Feb 2017 then the judging phase picks up from 11th Feb to 28th February where the judges select the best FIVE blogs in each category which will be submitted to the public for voting.

The public voting will be open from March 3rd to May 1st 2017. After that the winners of the BAKE Awards will announced on May 13th 2017.

Hurry and submit your blog or your favorite blog before 10th February 2017.


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