Discover ASUS RT-N12+ WiFi Router, Wireless Repeater and Range Extender


In a world driven by technology and supercharged by majority of online businesses and entrepreneurs, you’ll automatically need a high speed internet connection. And if you operate a business, then you need to offer high speed internet broadband with WiFi capabilities. There’s no other gadget that you should go for apart from the ASUS RT-N12+ WiFi router which has an overhaul of features and specifications.

You’re the CEO of your company get to discover lots of new information about clients, competitors and stock variation with a powerful internet courtesy of the ASUS RT-N12+ WiFi router.


ASUS RT-N12+ WiFi Router delivers super wireless performance and extends your coverage range to a range of your choice.

ASUS RT-12+ WiFi Router is equipped with adjustable transmission power technology and two antennas whose core function is to enhance your network signal strength and also extends signal range for better performance.

With the great 300Mbps ASUS RT-N12+ WiFi Router you will never experience dead spots. You will get a strong wireless signal wherever you are in your business premises, home or even apartment.

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Key Features and Functions of the ASUS RT-N12+ WiFi router

Three Modes
ASUS RT-N12+ WiFi router operates in 3 modes these are the WiFi Router/ wireless repeater and the range extender.
The WiFi Router allows you to create your own hotspot with encryption of course. Connect to your own WiFi and experience supercharged speeds.

Wireless Repeater
ASUS RT-N12+ WiFi router is also a wireless repeater. This property enables the ASUS RT-N12+ Router to offer great performance and strong wireless internet hotspot.

Range Extender
As a range extender, the ASUS RT-N12+ WiFi router gives you the ability to expand your coverage area. The range extender extends your WiFi connection range coupled with strong wireless internet.

Universal Repeater
ASUS RT-N12+ WiFi router has a universal repeater that provides seamless bridging to expand or extend the range of your wireless network.

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Secure Wireless Connections
The Asus RT-N12+ WiFi router isn’t a free ISP. It’s a wireless network provider that gives you the power to control your wireless network. Control who gets in and who joins the network.

With the ASUS RT-N12+ WiFi router you can easily encrypt your wireless network just by pressing the  WPS button.

Superfast Internet Speeds
ASUS RT-N12+ WiFi router offers super fast and blazing internet transmission speeds upto 300Mbps. Never worry of connection time out or slow network problems with ASUS RT-N12+ WiFi router.

2 Omni Directional Antennas
ASUS RT-12+ WiFi Router is equipped with 2 5dBi omni directional antennas that boosts your wireless network strength and signal.

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Other Features

● Output: DC 12V 0.5A
● Wireless link rate: IEEE 802.11n: 300Mbps, IEEE 802.11g: 54Mbps, IEEE 802.11b: 11Mbps
● Network data encryption ways: 64 / 128 Bit WEP, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK
● Support VPN server function
● Use ASUSWRT Dashboard UI , offers complete control and optimization function
● SSID provide flexible wireless access control
● With 4 LAN, 1 WAN, DC-in interface, WPS and power button


General Brand: ASUS
Model: RT – N12+
Color: Black
Type: Wireless Router, Repeater, Wireless Range Extender
Interface: WAN, 2.5MM DC Jack, LAN
Gain dBi: 5dBi Transmission
Rate: 300Mbps Transmission
Frequency: 2.4GHz
Quantity of Antenna: 2
WIFI Transmission Protocol: 802.11b/n/g
Wireless Security: 64/128 Bit WEP, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK
Certificate: CCC, CE
Purchase Price $29.99
Store Gearbest


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