Waiver Application

It has never been annoying to find out that you have a debt or penalty for Kenya Revenue Authority. Many Kenyans applied for KRA PIN on request by banks, lender, individuals, for electricity application and much more. No one has the idea that they need to file returns on a yearly basis. But so if you find out you owe KRA Kshs. 100,000 what will you do? You’re not employed and even if you’re employed 100,000 is not just some easy money to lay away. We provide you a procedure on how to apply for waiver of KRA’s penalties and interests.

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And if you know someone working with KRA then it will be much easier to get rid of the penalty. So how should it be done? Learn how to apply for waiver using iTax from Kenya Revenue Authority.

Visit itax website or KRA website through the following link. Visit www.itax.kra.go.ke and be sure you know your KRA PIN number and password to your email registered with itax system.

How to Apply KRA Tax Compliance Certificate
Enter your KRA PIN and your password then do the summation of the security stamp

Enter your KRA PIN certificate no usually A001234567Z into the PIN box and click on Continue. Thereafter enter your KRA pin password and key in the summation of the security stamp and click on Login.

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In the menu after login, you will see the menu label Debts and Enforcement hover on it to reveal the Apply for Waiver for Penalties and Interests menu item. Click on it to enter the details required.

KRA Waiver Application

Click on the Apply for Waiver for Penalties and Interests, under the page Choose Applicant Type as Taxpayer, and select Tax Obligation e.g. Income Tax Individual or VAT etc then select Type such as penalty or interest or both.

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Waiver Application

Then you will need to choose each year that a waiver exists and enter the value you wish to request for waiver and finally click on Submit.


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