Kenyans by vast majority are entitled to pay taxes. Even if this involves filing nil returns for those who are not yet employed or those who are self employed and haven’t declared there source of income. Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) requires that anybody applying for a loan MUST submit their Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) PIN certificate.

NTSA on the other side too uses KRA PIN to identify the owners of vehicles. In order to change ownership, transfer and do other stuff like change particulars on their logbooks.

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A KRA pin certificate is a more important document of late. That’s whenever you try applying for anything be it a clearance certificate, job, loan or purchasing a motorbike or a piece of land you will need a Tax Compliance Certificate.

To apply for any job now, you definitely need a tax compliance certificate and several clearance documents from different entities. So how do you apply for a tax compliance certificate? The following steps below outline how to apply for a tax compliance certificate online via iTax.

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Visit a cyber cafe if you don’t own a laptop since the website for itax is not mobile responsive.

Open your web browser be it Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge whatever, then in the address bar type in the following hyperlink (link) you can also copy the link

Type in the box on your left key in your KRA PIN and then click on the continue button.

You will be requested to enter your password for itax system.

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Upon logging in you will be brought to a page with several menus. On the right side, you will notice a menu labelled Certificates

Hover, on the menu label and you will notice a link labelled Apply for Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC).

Click on the link and there you are. You will be brought to a page with the details where you will type in the reason for applying for TCC.

Click on submit then make sure you download the Acknowledgement Receipt.