If you have been a little more keen you have got this message from Safaricom to download the My Safaricom App and receive free 20MB. First of all that I don’t think if it works but all said, my Safaricom self service app is just what you need in this era.

Do you remember when it was a nightmare checking bundles, transferring bundles or bonga points. Dialing the USSD codes such as *544# and adding the 98 and adding 98 for more and that stuff I not just as easy. But my Safaricom Android App is changing it. From one interface you can do so much more.

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My Safaricom App is an app that is available on all platforms iOS, Android and Windows App Store. Meaning all can enjoy what the app provides 

My Safaricom App

The above is a screenshot of the activation or the registration screen that welcomes you to My Safaricom App.


To activate the My Safaricom App is just as easy even more easier than WhatsApp depending on network availability.

My Safaricom App

After activating my Safaricom you will be brought to an app view or activity in layman’s language meaning just a screen that displays the following:-

  • Account Balance mainly your Minutes, Data Balance and SMS Plan Balance 
  • Bonga Balance (Bonga Points Balance) that offers room for redeeming bonga points and also transferring them to someone else. 
  • MPESA statement

My Safaricom App 

Data Bundles Sambaza

It is now more easier to send those data bundles to your friend. The only problem is that you can only send out 10MB. Otherwise it will save you the hassle of dialing the *544# and following the prompts.

My Safaricom App

Premium Services (SMS+Games)

If you’re this one person who once has been really mad because your airtime was deducted for some useless service, you can discontinue them here. Under SMS and Premium services

My Safaricom App

Data and SMS

This section provides you with the data plans and SMS plans from which you can subscribe. This means that you can also deactivate a daily bundle thst you have subscribed from within the app. 

My Safaricom App

Bonga Services – Redeeming and Transferring

Thanks to the app you can now efficiently transfer bonga points and also redeem for your favorite gift of choice. Be it airtime, data bundles  bouquets and so much more. 

My Safaricom App

Sambaza Service

You can also sambaza airtime to your friends. It is now effective and easy to transfer airtime  to your pals, family ? and other stuff. 

My Safaricom App


I am actually impressed with this step by Safaricom of providing a self care app. This acts as the online or web based self care that we saw Safaricom introduce. Anyway if you haven’t tried the app you can download it from the Play Store any of the Android, iOS and Windows Phone and have a taste of it. 

Tell us how you feel about this app in the comments section.


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