Android N is Android Nougat


There have been many speculations of what name Google will pick for their next release of their operating system. Many tech bloggers who were keen on this gave this version a name like Nutela but it seems all those were just speculations.

Google or Android officially unveiled the name Android Nougat as the official name for their next release. Google has been fast on this and I think it is time they should slow down a bit. Allow for uptake of the existing or most recent before rolling out another version. They will run out of letters you see,  we are at N and at this rate Z is not too far (this is a Leighman’s thinking).

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Android Nougat is or will officially be the successor of the Android Marshmallow. The dates are not out yet and I don’t hope they be any sooner.

Google has also unveiled the official Android Nougat statue outside their offices. You can have a look at the pic below.


What do you think of the name? Talk to us about which name you think or thought was the best. Nutela?

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Here is what a nougat looks like.


Then here is how they went about to announce the stuff. The AndroidNReveal




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