At the Google I/O 2016, Google has shown that Chrome OS can now run android apps efficiently without any hitches. Chrome OS’s new ability to run Android Apps is one milestone a big step in bringing Android to the desktop computers and laptops leave alone the smartphones. Android OS is largely distributed thanks to billions of handsets running on this operating system that means if they brought it yo desktop it would do wonders. Google at its I/O 2016 has brought the Play Store to the Chrome OS.

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Google is expanding the android apps to a whole new spectrum with laptop users to enjoy this new feel with the Chrome OS. Ranging from gaming, educational and work apps, you can efficiently use these applications on the Chrome OS with no difficulties whatsoever. Though not yet tested all apps it might mean that some applications might just not display rightly on this operating system (Android for Chromebooks).

Google has called upon developers to start testing there apps now. However one thing as a developer you will require is to own a chromebook that can efficiently run the Chrome OS. Apps available for the Chrome OS are in millions. All apps available on the Google Play Store are available for use on the Chrome OS.

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Some features amazing about the Chrome OS on the chromebooks is that the apps are shown in three (3) different windows sizes for best experience. Plus multitasking is taken to a whole new level with the OS being laptop based and offering much more multitasking capabilities. Files sharing between android devices and the chromebooks running the Chrome OS is one such efficient task thanks to the devices’ files app.

You can also get all android notifications on your chromebooks and you can seamlessly use keyboard, mouse and touch input on these devices. What an impressive experience? Now that Play Store has come live to Chrome OS, it means that you can access all apps on the play store on your chromebook. You can down you best apps and enjoy their use at an instant.

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Image Source: Computer World


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