Sportpesa has been the top gainer of the online sports gambling business after it emerged more successful during the 2014 FIFA World Tournament. However, prior to that their was smaller online sports betting websites and casinos in operation from as early as 2010. Well probably they had not thought how well to make money through it until Sportpesa came in.

Sportpesa has opened up a series of ideas for those wishing to make genuine money and others using their websites as a coning leeway. By the above statement I mean that don’t just get onto a sports betting website and their you go putting up your money on something you ain’t aware of. Study well a sports betting website before trusting it with your money. Some are just coning artists using it as an easy way of taking your money without requesting it rudely. Several sports betting websites have come up in Kenya with the main idea of sharing the larger cake enjoyed by Sportpesa. Sportpesa enjoys largely the entire East Africa but these other sites since they have domains it means solely they operate on Kenyan soil alone.


I went throughout the internet trying to look up these websites. Those which scored on Google through great SEO skills I was able to capture them. So today I present to you an updated list of the sports betting websites in Kenya.

1. Sportpesa

Sportpesa didn’t start yesterday they have taken time to invest into the whole idea of online soccer gambling business. And well I think they have made an achievement. Making millions of shillings from their business. Sportpesa as I know is operated by Pevans East Africa Limited from my main sources.

Well so what about it?
Sportpesa came into limelight during the 2014 FIFA World Cup through TV advertisement which made it so popular among people.

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How to Go about it?
Sportpesa relies mainly on Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to get customers to deposit their money to their Spesa accounts. Spesa is the account you hold with Sportpesa.

How to Deposit Money?
You can deposit money into your account that’s after your have registered through MPESA, Airtel Money and Orange Money.
Simply visit your SIM Toolkit to access services such as Mpesa then
Go to Lipa na Mpesa
Choose Pay bills
Enter the Sportpesa Paybill number 955100 that’s for MPESA.
Use account no. Sportpesa then
Enter your pin.
You will get a notification SMS of having topped your Spesa account and the Spesa balance.

In sportpesa you will need a minimum stake of at least Kes. 100/- to make a single bet.

2. Elitebet Kenya

Elitebet also has existed for quite sometime too. Elitebet is the only betting website that allows you to place a bet with a stake of as little as Kes. 2/- only.
With elitebet you can’t win large amounts with a Kes. 2 shillings. The maximum amount you win is your stake multiplied by 1000 so if you place a bet of 50 bob you are eligible to win atmost 50,000. Just like Kes. 2 the maximum you can win is 2000/-.

How to go about it?
With Elitebet registration is only by depositing money into your account. Meaning you only register by depositing any amount through the Paybill number 850700.
Select Lipa na Mpesa
Choose Pay bills
Enter Paybill number 850700
Account number elitebet
Then enter Amount
Your PIN then send.

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You will get a notification informing you of the deposit and later an SMS with your number as username and a secret PIN as a password to login to the online portal from the number 29210.

3. was formerly operated user the name and domain Gold Bet (http://
With Betin the minimum bet stake is Kes. 50/- as opposed to Sportpesa’s 100/-. offers a maximum payout of Kes. 10M.

How to go about it
Simply visit the website and register for an account.
To deposit money into your Betin account is through the MPESA paybill number 977270.
With Betin you can withdraw a minimum of Kes. 50/-.


Betyetu is also a sports betting website which has had several ups and downs through its business. They got a great a good website through an upgrade conducted just recently some months ago.


Well the name Just suggests a lot here. Just bet regardless of anything. Anyway that aside Justbet is also another sports betting website in Kenya.
In Justbet you can bet with a minimum stake of Kes. 100 and a maximum of Kes. 10,000.

How it works
With Justbet uses the short SMS number 295556 generally that too might be a way of registering. However you can also visit their website to join the website.

How to Withdraw from Justbet
To withdraw from Justbet you will need to send a message with the word Withdraw to the number 295556 e.g. Withdraw 3000 to withdraw amount reaching to Kes. 3000.


This is also another sports betting website in Kenya but somehow i don’t like how they present themselves both through the online portal and if they have SMS number.
Well Lucky2u operates a number of casinos and in order to withdraw you will need to visit one of their offices or request it through a personal number 0700111118.

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Some fishy thing also comes in on depositing. You deposit money via a personal number opposed to a paybill number. Eti deposit you need to send your money to 0700111118. However just like I said be Keen with online gambling.


Beltway was fully registered in Kenya on 1st July this year meaning it wasn’t operating in Kenya. Well I mean they were in business but not in Kenya. They operate under

Basically they operate relying on MPESA. You can use the paybill number 880185.

8. Royal Kenya Bets (

This is another website that does the sports betting thing in Kenya. With Royal Kenya Bets you need to register on the website (the url up in the heading section).
It operates with a minimum stake of Kes. 10 for betting.

How it works
To deposit the money using Mpesa use the paybill number 880185 and an account number 254714852114.


This is another sports betting website in Kenya. Much information isn’t clear yet because the website currently seems to be under maintenance.
Will inform you of any information that might come up.

Be keen while engaging yourself in online gambling so you don’t end up a victim of coning.
And also on a final note I think if you were keen enough you realized something similar between Betway and Kenya Royal Bets i don’t know whether they’re now operated as one but consider that before signing up.


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