Electric powered cars have been in development and has been one of the latest innovations to build cars that don’t rely on fuels that sometimes are expensive. NIkola Motor Comapny has unveiled its truck being mostly an electric truck that simply is driven on power supplied by turbines which in turn charge the lithium ion battery pack.

One amazing thing about technology is that it is indeed amazing. Innovations are invited and given that much of the daily used fuels are hazardous to our environment during combustion such vehicles as the Nikola Tesla truck is one step towards improving the use on green energy.

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The Nikola Motor Company’s electric powered truck relies a battery pack that is charged by turbines that are turned around by use of the gases that are held within a 150 gallon tank. This tank contains compressed natural gas that powers the turbines that in turn charges the 320kWh lithium ion battery pack that gives the truck power to drive ahead.

The Nikola Tesla truck features a whopping 2000 horsepower that’s much higher than what most trucks have. Most trucks features 400 – 500 horsepower meaning it is much strong.

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The 320kWh lithium-ion battery pack is capable of powering up the truck for quite a long distance of 1200 miles of driving. One thing amazing about this truck from Nikola Motor Comapny is that you will not need to stop to charge the battery pack. It can be charged while you’re on your way to your destination. Amazing isn’t it?

Featured Image: Nikola Motor Company