I have talked about a coupke of smartwatches and well this is the technology we should embrace. Imagine controlling your device (phone camera (Android + iOS)), receiving calls,  checking notifications and monitoring your health plus other so much from your arm. Smartwatch is just an upgraded watch that can seamlessly connect with your phone. Aiwatch C5 is such a watch that apart from telling you time does 99% more than what a normal watch can do. Aiwatch C5 is not a phone, but has functionality to act as a phone and perform operations such as receiving and dialling calls.

Just like I said the Aiwatch C5 works even better than that selfie stick while working as a remote control or camera. This Valentine’s get your loved one something he/she will always be glad to have a look.

Time to keenly understand what is carried in store by the Aiwatch C5 sports smartwatch. Aiwatch C5 Smartwatch builds and runs on super proccessors and features discussed below bit by bit. And at the end you will realize how much it can save you a big deal.

Table of Contents for Aiwatch C5 Sports Smartwatch and Phone

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Dialer/Bluetooth phone call for Aiwatch C5

Sometimes you simply don’t wanna get out that phone from your pocket or purse to dial someone. Well with the Aiwatch C5, you can do absolutely that without picking your phone from its safe place.
You can dial any number from yoir device phonebook or contacts and additionally you can also answer any phone call from just your wrist watch, the Aiwatch C5.

Phonebook/call log Synching

Well to dial a number or use the feature explained above you will need to connect your phone and the Aiwatch C5 smartwatch. Upon connection, the phonebook and call log synchronization feature will allow you phone contacts and call logs to be viewable and dialable from the Aiwatch C5 smartwatch.

Message Synchronization and Notification

Messages are just as important as phone calls. You need to get regular updates or notifications of any messages. The Aiwatch C5 smartwatch allows you to never miss replying or getting a message. Through the synching you will be able to read messages as get real time notifications even if your phone is silent.

Play Music Virtually

VR – Virtual Reality is here with us. This feature is not part of virtual reality but this awesome music sync feature allows you to remotely control the music in your phone using the Aiwatch C5. It serves as a remote control for music within your smartphone.

2-way 360 degree rotating crown
3D digital crown to zoom in/out menu, switch watch
UI, browsing web etc. Smart design to use your
watch, intelligent and convenient

Display Screen

The Aiwatch C5 smartwatch features a circular display of about 1.22 inch touch screen for possible viewing and nice control.
The round 1.22 inch screen, is very hard and anti-scratch having the combination of high quality and fashion. This makes it a unisex phone and smartwatch. Grab one for yourself.

UV detection

The Aiwatch C5 sports smartwatch is a healthy device. It features UV detection function that serves as a remind and also helps protect you from harm. This harm can be from these UV radiations.

Remote Capture and Control

I think I earlier highlighted this feature in the first paragraph. Well the Aiwatch C5 smartwatch allows you to control your phone’s camera, but you have yo ensure your phone’s camera has been switched on in advance. So you won’t need a selfie stick or so.

Sleep monitoring

You can also do wonders with the Aiwatch C5 smartwatch. It can carefully monitor your sleep quality.


Record the steps you take and count the distance to make you fully control your sports. This helps you monitor your daily training and much more. Also helps record progress and whether there’s a change.

Heart rate monitor

As a heakrg monitoring device, the Aiwatch C5 sports smartwatch is designed to test your heart rate at real time, the smart watch brings you an unprecedented health monitoring experience in this intelligent area

Natural silicone strap

Anti-sweat matter surface treatment, ergonomic convex design, wearing more comfortable. You don’t want a smart watch with a poor strap or a dangerous one.

Metal plating frame

Aiwatch C5 smartwatch brings on board a strong and durable, luxury and elegant frame for improved hardness and reduced scratch probability.

Price & Availability + Where to Buy

The Aiwatch C5 sports smartwatch is sold on Gearbest at a price of $78 dollars saving about $29.37. Is Kes. 7,800 too much well not.
Grab it now from Gearbest.Price


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