Airtel’s UnlimiNet Data Bundles and Charges


Airtel is the closer competitior to Safaricom but they won’t be above them in whatever section since Safaricom will always counteract what Airtel does. Airtel after the launch of UnlimiNet data bundles were the ground breaking feature that Airetl had and a service that somehow did some shaking to Safaricom data services. Anyway that’s not my discussion my point in their Article is to share Airtel’s UnlimiNet Data bundles and the charges for the data bundles.


Airtel has seen the need of allowing their subscribers to browse unlimtedly both on social networks such as Facebook, WhatsApp and many more. UnlimiNet bundles allows you as subscriber to enjoy a lengthy browsing period and so forth. For instance every subscription features free WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook even when yout data bundles run out. Meaning that with any subscription as little as that of 20/- you will get free WhatsApp service, Facebook browsing and unlimited tweeting. The only problem is that Facebook browsing will not display photos, it works in conjunction with Facebook’s


All the internet speed for both Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, WhatsApp, Instagram that is at a full speed and browisng at a speed of 256kbps. This is good speed given the data bundles and so forth. One thing to note is that the Airtel’s UnlimiNet daily data bundles have a one day validity. The weekly plan has a 7 day validity and a monthly plan has a 30 day validity.

The Airtel UnlimiNet data bundles come in several variations which include:-

  • Daily UnlimiNet Bundles
  • Weekly UnlimiNet Bundles
  • Monthly UnlimiNet Bundles

Below are data bundles packaged within the UnlimiNet Daily Bundles (Validity 1 Day)

Price KES 20 50 100
Data MB 20 100 300
Voice (All Networks) Mins 8 20 60
SMSs (All Networks) SMS 20 100 500

Below are data bundles packaged within the UnlimiNet Weekly Bundles. (Validity 7 days)

Price KES 250 500
Data MB 500 1500
Voice (All Networks) Mins 100 300
SMSs (All Networks) SMS 500 2500

Below are data bundles packaged within the UnlimiNet Daily Bundles.

Price KES 1000 2000
Data MB 2000 6000
Voice (All Networks) Mins 400 1200
SMSs (All Networks) SMS 2000 10000

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