Have you ever had moments when you are chatting with your friends or family, on Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp and you get that alert that your mobile data is about to end, terrible feeling right? How about when you’ve taken that amazing selfie or picture, and you want to upload it to your Instagram, but you can’t, why? Because you don’t have enough internet bundles, annoying I know.


Well, imagine a world where you aren’t cut off, imagine a world where you can view your Facebook feed and update your status, Tweet on Twitter, post on Instagram, chat on WhatsApp and even receive your emails. I know what you are thinking, that isn’t possible.

Airtel’s UnlimiNet is in town no need to worry of redeeming points for free internet of even using kopa credo to buy bundles. With the new Airtel UnlimiNet you are able to keep browsing and socializing when you are out of internet bundles. For only Ksh. 50 per day, you are entitled to a daily UnlimiNet package that gives you 100MB of mobile data, 20 min talk time to any network, imagine that 20 minutes of talk time. For how long per day do you talk? 2 minutes? I guess so and sepnd more than 50 to buy less bundles? Well with Airtel’s UnlimiNet Tarriff you got covered and an additional 100 SMS to any network. No need to subscribe large message bundle and just realize no one wants to chat and it goes to waste.

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Just by buying any UnlimiNet bundle be it 50 for Ksh. 50, you get your 100MB, as soon as that’s up, you can still surf the net, your social networks Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram and Gmailwill continue running, they will not be affected absolutely without bundles.

The incredible thing about this product is that, it doesn’t discriminate against anyone, young or old, anyone can use it depending on their needs and wants.

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Different internet data packages will appeal to the different people, for instance, the daily data plan may appeal to the youth and the weekly and monthly packages may appeal to the older generations, those in the professional industry.
The bottom line is, no matter which internet data package you choose, the benefits are still the same, the volume of the data is different, but the principle behind it all is the same.

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UnlimiNET Daily 1 day validity
Price KSHS 50 100
Data MB 100* 300*
Voice (All Local networks) Min 20 60
SMS (All Local networks) SMS 100 500

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UnlimiNET Weekly 7 day validity
Price KSHS 250 500
Data MB 500* 1500*
Voice (All Local networks) Min 100 300
SMS (All Local networks) SMS 500 2500


UnlimiNET Monthly 30 day validity
Price KSHS 1000 2000
Data MB 2000* 6000*
Voice (All Local networks) Min 400 1200
SMS (All Local networks) SMS 2000 10000


Something to Note: With any UnlimiNet bundle you buy you’re entitled to UNLIMITED WhatsApp, Facebook, Gmail, Twitter & Instagram at full speed and browsing at 256kbps

Now get out and get this shimming data and all overall subscription from airtel and enjoy.



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