Ada Health Companion and How Helpful is in Assessing your Symptoms


Ada is an android application one of the most helpful in the health sector. Ada Health Companion isn’t just an app but it can stand in for a doctor or nurse. Ada uses a database of symptoms to determine the possible cause and ailment one is suffering from.

Using technology in getting knowledge to those who have no knowledge at all in medicine. Ada basically assesses your symptoms and matches th with the possible disease you are suffering from. All these assessments are done based on questions and answers provided by the person.

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With Ada you can also do a symptom assessment for someone else. Ada Health Companion allows room for that.

How to Use Ada Health App

If you don’t have the Android App on your device your can visit the Google Play Store and search Ada Health then you will get it. Or you can download through this link.

  • Open your Ada app on your device
  • You will see something like Ada is learning which simply translates to loading.
  • Thereafter you will treated to a cool message “Hi I am Ada, I can help you if you’re feeling unwell”
  • All you have to do is choose OKAY then it will take you to the next step.
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To use Ada however you will need to register an account by providing an email address and your choice password before performing a self assessment test. 

Tap on sign up after agreeing to terms and conditions. Then you will get a message on the app welcoming you. Then you can tap on start symptom assessment.

You will need to provide symptoms as you might be feeling them. You will need to type in the field above the page and tap on suggestions by the app to add to your list.

When done listing your symptoms you will need to agree to having exhausted your symptoms to let them run an assessment. You can check your assessment report after assessment, with recommendations and severity of the condition or disease and urgency to visit the hospital.

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Below is a sample assessment report.

You also have a choice to track your assessment and how they proceed throughout the app.

Have a look a the following gallery. Thank you.

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