Acer to Launch an Android Gaming Tablet this year


Well, gaming was presumed and has always been presumed for only computers that is desktop computers or their lap counterparts. People have believed always that gaming would not be brought to small end devices such as tablets as opposed to the monotony of over-dependence on the computer systems. Big companies which have offered such gaming abilities on their computers have never embraced the production of Android Tablet specifically meant for gaming.

Acer to Launch an Android Gaming Tablet this year

Acer’s announcement that it will launch an Android Gaming  Tablet seems to make everything that was perceived otherwise change their approaches and belief.

Acer’s tablet dubbed “Predator” as the name goes for its Computer counterpart is set to launch probably by the end of the year. Those who love Android Gaming via Tablets, you have to keep your fingers crossed for this life changing improvement by Acer.


From Engadget it is clear that the Acer Gaming Tablet will have an 8 inch display as seen on the model of the tablet. The unclear things about this gadget is that information about its availability and the only specification about the gadget.

The other big question to ask is whether the Acer Gaming Tablet will make it to change the Market and whether it will survive in the under served Gaming Market.

Source: Engadget Image Credit: Engadget



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