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Leagoo S9

Leagoo S9 is an iPhone X clone, official leaks show

From official leaks that we have received from Leagoo, it is indeed true that an iPhone X clone is on the way. The device...
Leagoo M9

Leagoo M9 Specifications and Price

Leagoo M9 is another Leagoo device that soon will be in the shops. The device is a entry level smartphone that runs on Android...

Leagoo T5c budget friendly phone, quick review, specs and price

Leagoo Mobile have been silent for a while now. Since the launch of the Leagoo S8 and S8 Pro, they are back with an...
leagoo s8 pro

Leagoo S8 Quick Review and Specifications

The Leagoo S8 was launched alongside the Leagoo S8 Pro and both devices offer unique display screen. The device also runs on Android 7.1...
leagoo s8 pro

LEAGOO S8 Pro Quick Review and Full Specifications

Leagoo a smartphone manufacturer and designer have released two smartphone the Leagoo S8 Pro and the Leagoo S8 at the same time. The Leagoo...

Leagoo Power Dual Camera, Features and Specs

Leagoo Mobile is a brand whose name had been popular mostly in African states. This brand has a couple of handsets in its portfolio....

Leagoo M8 Quick Review and Specifications

Leagoo M8 is a a liter version of the Leagoo M8 Pro. The handsets have a slight difference brough about by the cameras. The...

Leagoo M8 Pro Classy Premium Smartphone

Leagoo M8 Pro is a classy smartphone that features an overhaul of great features. The Leagoo M8 Pro features a larger display at 5.7...

Leagoo Alfa 1 3G Phablet Specifications and Price

Leagoo Alfa 1 3G Phablet is a smart device, an extra size on its display, a unified and extended battery capacity plus other awesome...

Here is why Tecno Mobile are skipping Phantom 7 to launch Phantom 8

TECNO Mobile users were anticipating for a flagship from the brand this year. Tecno users expected a Phantom 7 as it is the number...