Technology is advancing, everything is changing. From 2G network some years back, then 3G now the few who have access to the bought 4G handset and acquired 4G supported SIM cards. 4G is the new technology coupled with advanced network stability and speed. I take a little time to give you access to the 9 benefits of having a 4G handset.

Improved Network Quality

Time for poor network quality is gone with the entry of 4G/LTE network connectivity. Have less time complaining about the quality. Services provided by the 4G LTE connectivity are a notch higher than its predecessor the 3G network.

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2. Blazing Download Speeds

Download all you favorite music and video files at an instant. It is high time you downloaded that favorite 1GB movie in an instant.
Streaming online has never been this seamless. Thanks to the 4G network now you can stream anything online with no downtimes.

3. Superfast Video Calling and Conferencing

It was this time you would hardly go through a video call without timeouts. It would take sometime for the voice to reach the other person you’re talking to. This is not the case with the 4G network that really does the best. Skype faster and do seamless video conferencing.

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4. Attend Webinars/Webcasts etc

Now you can attend webinars abf webcasts without worrying of timeouts when it is your time to present.

5. Quality Calls

Make quality calls on the 4G network. Great voice quality is what you need to get what the other person is saying.

6. High Quality Video Calls

You can generally video call your partner via your smartphone. You don’t have to worry of the call failing to go through because of poor network quality.

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7. Improved Network Quality

You don’t expect to be on 4G and have the quality you used to have on 3G or 2G. 4G/LTE comes with greater network improvements.

8. Improved Service Delivery by MNOs

Mobile Network Operators will be able to provide better services thanks to 4G network.

9. Get that movie at an Instant

Instantly get to download your favorite movie. You don’t have to walk around stalls buying CDs when you can download it just immediately after launching.

That summarizes some of the 9 benefits of having a 4G handset.