7 Inch GENX GX7W 250 Tablet at Kshs. 3,599


We love large screen devices. We do so much and that is why people are buying tablets. Did you imagine of a 7 inch tablet at a price of Kshs. 3,599/-? Well stay tuned and read on to find out more about the Genx GX7W 250 Tablet. The 7 Inch GENX GX7W 250 Tablet at Kshs. 3,599

The gadget comes with a 7 inch screen display, with a display ration of 16:9. It employs LCD technology in its display. The Genx GX7W 250 tablet has a resolution of 800×480 pixels.

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Table of Contents for 7 Inch GENX GX7W 250 Tablet at Kshs. 3,599

System and OS

The Genx GX7W 250 Tablet runs on Android Ice cream Sandwich 4.2 with an A23 Dual Core Cortex A8 CPU. It has a clock rate of 1.2 GHz that is the processing speed of the gadget someone more or up enough to speed up the tablet

7 Inch GENX GX7W 250 Tablet at Kshs. 3,599

Memory And Storage

The Genx GX7W 250 Tablet has a RAM capacity of 512MB DD3. This is a meager if you need a faster processing tablet and where you will install many applications on your tablet.

The Tablet has an internal storage or memory of 4 GB with a Micro SD slot that makes the internal memory expandable to up to 32GB.

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Haha! The other bit is the camera specifications of the Genx GX7W 250 Tablet. So what does this tablet have for the ever changing selfie world. Well you wont smile at this. It has a primary camera that is the rear camera of 2.0MP with interpolation. It also has a front camera (VGA) a camera of 0.3MP. Too bad isn’t it? Well you got a point there.


The Genx GX7W 250 Tablet comes with a 3.7V or 1500mAh battery capacity. Too bad for the internet lovers for you won’t spend much time browsing and making the Tablet work at its maximum.

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Something that I should not forget is that it lacks a USB Cable


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