Tecno Camon C9

Tecno Camon C9 was launched last week in Kenya, on Friday 24th to be precise. This device has got the yes of many and still not all have learned about yet.  There are a couple of features that come with Camon C9 that will actually wow you. These features will make you dump your old phone no matter how expensive it was. Because here we don’t go for price, we go for quality. There’s no need of purchasing an iPhone 6 at an expensive price of over $750 just to scare people that you use iPhone when there’s a device costs just closer to ¼ of the price with much more good specs.

Tecno Camon C9 is the next camera phone that should be trending in Africa for at least who knows but it should hold water till next year. Camon C8 did its part but Camon C9 is like double the features of Camon C8. From storage,  display, battery, cameras all that stuff are outstanding. If you love such specs then surely you need the Tecno Camon C9.


Cameras at their best places this phone among the top grossing phone. There’s no angle that you say its predecessor can beat. No and Never.

So what are the 5 things you get from Camon C9 you will never get anywhere else? Sit tight and learn of these mind blowing revelations.

1. Cameras

I haven’t seen many phones featuring dual cameras of similar specs. No. There are not many of them. And if they are they are not yet in Africa and they are much more expensive. Expensive as in they cost much more than $500 bucks.

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Tecno Camon C9 costs less than half (½) of that. Camon C9 stands tall with 13 Megapixels dual cameras. The front camera features a 13.0 MP camera with dual LED flashlight and captures wide pictures. It also features Autofocus and captures in many modes such as panorama. It also has the watermark mode where you choose which water marks should appear on your picture be it date or the phone model in this case Camon C9.

The secondary camera too is a centrally placed 13 megapixels camera. We haven’t many cameras with the front camera located at the center. Camon C9 has brought in a change for better. The camera has a flash and some more good specs. Wait for them in my full review. Meanwhile you can check out my unboxing article.

2. Secure Screen Lock/Unlock

We’ve been treated to the normal pattern lock,  Pin lock,  swipe, password lock,  recently fingerprint identification, then previously saw face lock and some voice lock. Are these the best? My answer would be no. What do you think,  your answer in the comment box please.

What if fingerprint id scanned your finger when some dirt was within the fingerprints?  Will it fail? Maybe, maybe not. But that’s something else. We’ve used patterns,  pins and passwords but still they haven’t been that successful. People can copy your pattern, pin, password or even fingerprint. Bit can someone copy your eyeball details. That would be a hard task for him or her.

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Tecno Camon C9 stands out with the eyeball recognition and sending mechanism with its 13MP front camera. The feature locks your phone using your eyeball details and only you can unlock it no one else. The unlock sequence is quite fast it won’t last even 2 secs, your screen will be unlocked ?. How effective. If you know any phone with this let me know, I would like to interact with it and see its performance.

3. T-Band/Bracelet

Tecno Camon C9 has this bracelet made it designed for use by it. The Tecno T-band. Some were asking whether this is a Smart watch but no this is no smart watch but a T-band mainly for doing some smaller tasks remotely and still manage your trainings.

The Tecno T-band is compatible with Canon C9 and can do the following.

  • Control Camon C9 camera from up-to 10 metres distance
  • Locate your phone if misplaced or stolen
  • Count your steps that’s when exercising and report on progress.
  • Sedentary reminder
  • Alarm to wake you up and so much more


4. Straight Selfies

With a camera placed on the side whether right or left you will never be sure where to look. At the camera, or phone? That will not give quite straight selfies if I may say. Reason being you will try whatever angle but you won’t fit.

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Camon C9 with the selfie camera placed in the middle you won’t have to worry of twisting around to appear like you’re straight. You just sit and this thing does it’s work.

One other thing is that the Camon C9 camera is very clear and has night mode/vision. With Visidon Algorithm that is used within the camera, the camera produces 50% brighter images that the normal. This makes even night photography enjoyable and more fun.

5. The Price

I would have talked of many more feature but well,  I have you 5 so I should stop here at the prices. Samsung’s good phones cost a fortune believe me. But they don’t have such good specs. What I have seen with them is too much bloatware.  Haven’t interacted with iPhone for long but I got hold of one and it’s not that too unique.

You have the money go for them. But we look for good specs, good quality. And in this case Tecno Camon C9 provides just that. Better cameras, display, battery and so much more do just $180 this is amazing. For Nigerians it would cost roughly at N36000 – N40000.

Forget about scaring people with just big brands. Scare them with amazing specs.


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