Ever suffered a disappointment just because you didn’t know whether a betting firm or site is genuine? Many are victims who have won and never received their rewards. In order to stop such behavior by betting firms we have come up with 5 things to consider when choosing a betting firm. It pains when you lose that hardly sought after cash like that, it is better you lose a bet that being conned. 

In a move to educate our readers, we have identified the 5 things to consider when choosing a betting firm and we hope they will be of help to you and others our there. Feel free to leave your comments, grievances, complains in the comment section. This will help us prepare a list of genuine betting firms that you should try out and also the scam sites that are out there. 


1. Bettings Firm’s Website 

There are many websites for these firms that completely underscores an active and genuine betting firm. One thing that you should consider if their website is verified and has never been in problem related to verification and Google performance. 

The website should feature the latest technology in protecting your transactions and so your data. One way to check if the site submits to this is to check in the URL bar if it contains SSL certificate. Check if the website starts with https instead of http.  Be vigilant because this involves transactions and personal information which it leaked out will do harm to many people if not all. 

2. Check Betting Firm’s Social Media Presence

One thing that is driving businesses forward is their social media presence and having a better customercare on these social sites. 

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Social Media basically includes brands such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (optional), Google+, YouTube and so much more. Others might have interest in Buffer and so much more. The most basic are Facebook and Twitter. 

Ensure that the form exhibits all social media pages that’s Facebook  and Twitter, many users really want feedback from this social media pages and one thing is the companies and firms should  invest this. 

Check if the site pages are real and not fake. Also ensure that these sites response rate is closer to “very responsive to messages” that’s for Facebook. This would mean that you will get help anywhere on the betting firm’s social media pages. 

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3. Good Customer Care Presence

A good customer care will always make a user or client to come back. And one way to score in business is to have well established customer care. 

Try out the available lines or numbers of contact. If the betting firm e.g. Sportpesa, Bet365, Betway, Betyetu, Elitebet etc scores highly in the above, try out the customer care. 

Get in touch with their customer care to establish if in real sense they work and are ready to help. Many people turn to looking for customer care numbers or channels when they have problems and sometimes miss out because the customer care they contacted were or are fake. 

4. Establish Payment and Deposit Options

For instance in Kenya, Lipa na M-pesa is the largely used form of payment. This involves a Paybill Number and other stuff. Don’t go for sites whose form of payment if through MPESA is by use of someone’s phone number. That’s not real, also thanks to Safaricom you have the Hakikisha feature you can confirm to whom you’re sending money out to. 

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Always check it they allow popular forms payment be it Lipa na M-pesa, Credit Card, PayPal, Bank Transfer etc. 

5. Read Through other Customers’ Feedback

Going through feedback submitted by people majorly customers like you can largely help in some cases. You will not easily place your money where someone is complaining about them of scamming and other stuff. You will follow up and know if the claims are true before giving out your money. 

Read through customers’ feedback to determine the possibility of the firm being genuine


Thanks for your time. Hope Now you’re one step ahead of conmen and scammers out there. Always be on the lookout you never know when it is gonna strike. 

Submit your opinions and other features or  things to look out for which we have left out. God bless.